Sustainability Project Management

Our innovative approach to managing a sustainability project will enable you to achieve your environmental and social responsibility aspirations.

Many businesses have recognised the importance of addressing sustainability within their practices and have taken the first steps to improve their environmental and social performance.

There are also great cost saving benefits of implementing a practical sustainability plan, especially for businesses in the manufacturing, logistics, construction, and food service industries.

However, real, enduring improvements require a holistic management approach; addressing all areas of the business and engaging all staff in the solutions. To drive the success of this approach requires a dedicated role.

But, perhaps your requirements aren’t sufficient to need a full-time position and you would benefit from the consultation of a sustainability expert. Someone who is on hand whenever you need them, and whose job it is to understand your unique requirements and ensure that your goals are achieved.

How we can help

Green Steps will first work with you to plan and build a sustainability plan or sustainability statement that is fully integrated with your business plan.

We can add value by coming in at any stage of your project: from guidance on identifying the direction for your sustainability plan to take, through to management of any element within it.

We will complete a comprehensive overview of your operations; covering energy, water, waste, purchasing, food, transportation, buildings, and IT systems to identify where improvements can be made.


With consultation from Green Steps, your sustainability project will:

  • Reduce the environmental and social impacts of your business
  • Increase your positive impact on the environment, your staff and your customers
  • Reduce your operating costs and demonstrate ROI on your investments
  • Create an enduring culture of sustainability within your business
  • Make your staff feel more engaged in the changes that you make
  • Create a positive impression for your customers, increasing their loyalty to your brand
  • Increase your competitiveness, driving up your revenue potential

Relevant sectors

With raw material, fuel and labour costs rising, you can significantly improve your bottom line by identifying operating efficiencies. While any business can gain from this, there are some industries where the financial savings can be significant. These include:

  • Construction
  • Food service
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport and logistics

Contact us to find out how our expert consultation will make your sustainability project a success.