Sustainability Seed Pack

Everything you need to get your business started with sustainability

Do you want to make your small business, hotel or restaurant environmentally and socially responsible, but don't know where to start?

Customers are now demanding greener practices as standard. If you don't have the budget to bring in a sustainability expert, it can be overwhelming and time consuming to build these practices from scratch.

Our Sustainability Seed Pack starter kit includes everything you need to put sustainability right at the heart of your business. By doing so, you'll make it more competitive and profitable, and you'll build trust with your customers.

Expertly designed based on years of experience

Green Steps are highly experienced sustainability consultants who have helped many businesses make their practices more efficient, while being kinder to people and the planet.

We've designed this starter kit especially for small businesses, hotels and restaurants with a tailored pack for each business type.

Included in your starter kit:

  • Template sustainability policy
    Our easy to complete template is the road map your business needs to achieve your goals, and can be used to demonstrate your commitment to customers and stakeholders
  • Template sustainability action plan
    This practical template gives you recommended actions for you and your staff to take, based on your unique business needs
  • Staff questionnaire
    An invaluable resource that helps you find out what challenges your employees face and their ideas on how to solve them
  • Best practice guide to staff awareness
    Gives you the tools to get your staff on board with your new sustainability practices
  • How to communicate your sustainability efforts to your customers
    Shows you how to share the improvements you've made with your customers in order to build trust, loyalty and credibility
  • Contact us anytime with your questions
    Let us help you get off on the right foot with expert advice for your unique business challenges


Customers are increasingly demanding environmentally and socially responsible practices.

Get started now and make your business more sustainable, competitive and profitable.


JUST £4,499 GBP