Fleet Sustainability and Optimisation

We'll help you analyse the environmental impact of your fleet and take the right measures to reduce it. The upshot? Reduced fuel costs, safer drivers and a cleaner image for your fleet. 

Fleets worldwide have woken up to the fact that implementing sustainable fleet practices is critical to reducing their costs and emissions, while improving employee safety and satisfaction. With fuel prices rocketing, the pressure to find these operational efficencies is evermore urgent. 

How can we help

Green Steps will help you to understand your fleet's current performance, in order to identify where improvements can be made. Data in the following KPIs will provide the starting point to measure improvements against:

  • Current fleet mileage
  • Average per vehicle fuel efficiency
  • Fleet CO2 emissions 
  • Fuel costs 
  • Fleet size and composition
  • Percentage vehicle utilisation 

Using this baseline data, we'll identify some short-term actions that can start to have an immediate impact on fuel costs and CO2 emissions, while building out a plan for the long-term changes that can take the fleet to the next level. 


By putting in place green fleet practices, fleets can significantly reduce fuel consumption and improve their bottom line.  

We can help you to:

  • Reduce fuel costs by reducing transport mileage and improving fleet fuel efficiency
  • Gain greater understanding of fleet performance through your telematics solution
  • Identify the vehicles that would make the best candidates to replace for electric vehicles (EVs) 
  • Assess which EVs would be best suited to your duty cycles and operational requirements
  • Improve driver safety by monitoring performance and providing eco-driver training 
  • Increase vehicle uptime by implementing a proactive maintenance program
  • Reduce insurance premiums by proving improved safety performance
  • Improve the image of your fleet by reducing excessive idling events and aggressive driving

Contact us today to discuss your green fleet objectives and to find out how you can save money and make your drivers safer, while improving your environmental performance.