Waste and Recycling Management Reporting

National Waste Associates (NWA) is a nationwide provider of waste management services in North America. Lindsey created a reporting platform that allowed their customers to view the real-time status of their recycling programs, helping them to implement diversion strategies and see the immediate impact they made. 

Lindsey designed and created a reporting system that enabled them to provide real-time management and environmental information to their customers. so that they could assess how their recycling and waste programs were performing. 

The Challenge

Their client reporting was outdated; a Word document narrating how they were managing their customer’s waste and recycling. Their clients wanted to know in real-time how their waste was being managed across all of their locations. And they wanted to be able to visualise their data and see the real numbers behind them.

The Solution

Lindsey conducted an analysis of NWA’s customer requirements, surveying operational contacts to find out what they needed to know about their recycling and waste management programs. 

Lindsey utilised Dundas BI software to create a highly customised reporting platform that NWA could provide to all of their customers.  She used the raw data from NWA’s database and presented it to customers in actionable and concise graphics and reports. She created online dashboards that displayed their financial and operational KPIs in real-time, and reports that are sent out to the customers on a monthly basis. 

The Results

Many of NWA’s clients have over 100 sites across North America. They can now view top-line data across their entire portfolio and drill all the way into individual sites to compare their performance and see what works and what doesn't. 

Customers can see the effect of their diversion programmes, view the environmental impact of their waste operations, and get transparency on the ROI of the programs they have established.